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Hydrologist and Hydraulic engineers apply the science which encompasses the occurrence, properties, distribution, and movement of the waters of the earth in our design of bridges, dams, channels, canals, and storm water systems.

Our nearly 10 years of experience includes consulting in hydrologic & hydraulic engineering, dam safety and engineering, bridge design, geotechnical engineering, and water resource management. Our experience includes consulting in hydrology, hydraulics, floodplain delineation, dam design and safety, bridge design and scour, river mechanics, sediment transport, energy dissipation, and impacts of climate change.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Captures, stores, analyzes, and displays geographic data and is widely used for permitting, sustainability, and project planning. GIS is more than mapping, It is also a data management and visualization tool.


Committed to managing our most precious resource, RMA provides solutions to the often complex, site-specific, hydrologic, hydraulic, and geotechnical challenges associated with building in the riverine and coastal environments.


RMA Has over 10 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering involving a verity of infrastructure assets and construction projects, including multiple Massachusetts high schools, dams, highways, and bridges


By efficiently combining major advances in GIS computer processing with state-of-art numerical modeling, RMA cost effectively provides detailed solutions that meet the highest regulatory quality and standards; enabling better design and more efficient project delivery. This allows RMA to complete complex analyses in a fraction of the time and cost needed by larger engineering firms.